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Blockchain Platform Exclusively for the Cosmetics Ecosystem


What is SkinChain?

What is SkinChain?
  • BlockChain

    SkinChain's skin type test results, genome scan results, and any changes after purchase are stored and managed in the blockchain based on DID.

  • Company

    By means of active and controlled access to our customer data, participants contribute to the stable operation of SkinChain.

  • Customer

    When using information created or provided by customers, the information provider will be rewarded to a scrupulously fair degree thanks to blockchain technology.


Business Structure

Product Network Important factors for supplying and distributing high quality products to SkinChain

Distribution Network A goal to return profits to customers by minimizing product margins

Curation Network Suggest optimized products to customers by matching skin type or genome test results


SkinChain Mall

01 Vary commercialization by continuing to invite global major brand entry

02 Payback to members up to 50% of SKC Coin, financed by distribution margin of brand products

03 Offer discounts and savings made possible by self-production and by community members’ involvement in distribution


SkinChain Mall’s Policy on Profit-Return

SkinChain Shopping Mall realizes the policy of returning profits to customers, which otherwise distributors will devour up. SkinChain owns the copyright for the manufacturing of the products it shall distribute. Thus it receives 30% of the profit generated by manufacturing and production companies.


When purchasing regular products at SkinChain Mall, a user is given 10% of the purchase price. Paid in SKC coins, the user can spend it like cash in the next visit.


When purchasing at SkinChain Mall self-produced or popular products in a volume scale, a user is given 15 ~ 20% of the purchase price. Paid in SKC coins, the user can spend it like cash in the next visit.


When purchasing at SkinChain Mall as a VIP customer any strategic alliance brand products, the user is given up to 50% of the purchase price. Paid in SKC coins, the user can spend it like cash in the next visit.


SkinChain Team

  • Photo

    Taewoo Kang

    KAIST Graduate School of Intellectual Property

    Registered Director of Customs Corporation

    Korea Customs Service FTA Consultant / Trade Association FTA Consultant

    Consultant, KOTRA and the Cosmetics Industry, Trade Association

    Global Cosmetic famous brand screening and consulting

  • Photo

    Minha Sin CS

    Rutgers University Pharmacy

    Pharm technician (SBOP)

    Johnson & Johnson Pharmacist

  • Photo

    Sungwoo Kim

    Cheongju University English Department

    Haeop Edu Chungcheong Branch

    S-tech CEO


  • Photo


    CEO, STARLILY (China)

    #1 Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Place selected by Chinese celebrities

    Awarded Dermatology Brand Prize, recognized by Chinese Consumers

    Signed MOU with many Korean plastic surgeons

  • Photo

    Jinyong Kim

    Director of Ilyun industry

    Cosmetic Container Manufacturing Master

    Owns eight manufacturing lines of automatic drilling and vacuum forming

    Dedicated producer for SPC container in Korea

    Fully automatic extruder

    Design Registration No.0262562 and many other patents


Let us introduce our partners

  • bitsonic
  • starlily

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